By Cindy Hernandez

More than 15 hours of grand jury recordings and audio on the Breonna Taylor case were released to the media Friday.

The recordings were released after a court order mandated Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office make them public. Cameron’s office was given two days to redact all personal information of witnesses involved in the case.

“I’m confident that once the public listens to the recordings, they will see that our team presented a thorough case to the Jefferson County Grand Jury,” said Attorney General Cameron in a statement.

“Our presentation followed the facts and the evidence, and the Grand Jury was given a complete picture of the events surrounding Ms. Taylor’s death on March 13th. While it is unusual for a court to require the release of the recordings from Grand Jury proceedings, we complied with the order, rather than challenging it, so that the full truth can be heard.”

The court order to release the recordings came a few days after the grand jury’s decision to charge former Louisville Metro Police Department Det. Brett Hankison with three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment for firing bullets into Taylor’s neighbors homes.

Nobody was charged directly for causing Taylor’s death.

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