Racing Louisville FC seleccionará a varias de las jugadoras del equipo esta noche.

The National Women’s Soccer League announced the list of protected players of the nine teams in the league last Thursday. The rest of the players will be up for grabs for Racing Louisville FC. The team will be able to select up to two players or one U.S. Allocated Player from each team, with a maximum of two U.S. Allocated Players from all teams. 

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, head coach Christy Holly said the team is hoping to select players that will fit in technically and culturally within the organization. 

“When you look at the two that we traded for, Yuki and Savannah, I don’t know if you are getting that caliber of player in the expansion draft and that was something that we were aware of so we wanted to go out and get two players that we feel could make a big impact straight from the get go,” said Holly. 

“We know that a lot of players that we’re targeting and are available have limited experience in the NWSLl and limited proven ability in the NWSL and we’re O.K. with that we see it as a project. We see these players as exciting players that we want to bring in and we want to build and turn into world-class players.”

Racing Louisville FC has begun building their team by trading with Chicago Redstars for forwards Savannah McCaskill and Japanese international Yuki Nagasato and with the recent signing of Jamaican forward Cheyna Matthews. 

Holly said that when the unprotected list was revealed, they saw two “pleasant surprises” and they will have to adjust what they had in mind accordingly. 

Holly also explained that as a team, they are focusing on bringing in players that will grow with the organization. He said that they are focusing on long-term as opposed to expecting to win a championship their first season. 

“If we can build a foundation that we feel is sustainable over a number of years, I feel that would be the more sensible, logical approach to ensure that we don’t come out of the gates next year, have a good year but then get ripped apart this time next year,” said Holly. 

Racing Louisville will reveal their selection at 7 p.m. Thursday during the 2020 NWSL Expansion Draft. The draft will be livestreamed on the NWSL Twitch Channel.

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