Beni López, JP Morgan Chase Business Relationship Manager in Louisville KY.

By Yolanda Williams

Puerto Rican by birth and Louisvilleian at heart, Beni López is a successful woman and a leader in the Louisville community. A leader in the family and professional field. Married for 32 years and with three professional children, Beni resumed her career and for 11 years has been part of the JPMorgan Chase , where she promotes the businesses of Latinos, Hispanics, and all entrepreneurs from her position «Business Relationship Manager”, (Business Relations Manager), at the bank.

Making Louisville  home

Beni began her career in her native Puerto Rico and years later took it up again in Louisville, which has been her home for 16 years.

“I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I studied Business Administration at the university. I have been married for 32 years, my husband is a pilot and I have three grown children. My oldest son is an engineer and is active in the Air Force. I have a 24-year-old girl who is an account executive for a company in Charlotte, North Carolina and a youngest son who is a pilot for American, he just started with the company last year, he is 22 years old”, shares Beni, the proud mother of three children who have started their own career path.

Immediately after finishing her university studies, Beni began to forge her experience in banking, little by little she climbed the ranks, she added six years of work in Puerto Rico and decided to take a break.

“After six years of working at the bank, I stayed at home. I raised my kids until they went to High School and from there we moved to Florida. I lived there for five years and then I moved. We’ve been in Kentucky for 16 years and that’s when I started my career with Chase Bank 11 years ago. My kids were already going to high school and college, so it was the perfect time to start over again to pick up my banking career. I always thought about going back to work. Banking was something that I liked because it covered all the bases of what I like to do, which is ‘networking’ (business networks), helping people, connecting with people on a one-on-one basis and that’s how I decided to return”, Beni tells us, who bet him to continue with his career in Kentucky.

After attending a Chase recruiting open house, she joined the bank, 11 years ago. She currently works for the Business Banking Division.

How was it to return to your job?

“I started in consumer banking and then retail banking for four and a half years, where I built a very successful career and made a lot of good interpersonal connections and was able to develop also as a leader, participating in the Council of Diversity and Equality and Inclusion. And from there I also had initiatives to collaborate in career advancement programs internally, with Prospanica as collaborators and sponsors, in ‘NAWO’ (National Association of Women Business Owners, National Association of Women Entrepreneurs) and today I hold a position on the Board of Directors of ‘NAWO Kentucky’ of which I am also very proud because it has come as a consequence of the career I have developed with Chase. And for the last six years I have served as a Business Banker for Chase”, Beni shares with us, who transmits her passion and enthusiasm for her work and everything that goes with it.

Support for entrepreneurs

“From my position as a ‘Business Relationship Manager’, I have the opportunity to collaborate and manage business relationships for small and medium businesses in our local community. Within them I serve not only American business owners, but also Latinos and other countries. So I have had the opportunity to collaborate and help these business owners to develop. Connecting with other associations and volunteering  also allows me to represent not only the bank, but myself as a Latina, as a leader in the community and I always seek to be that alliance, that link point. I enjoy  helping, being an example and motivating  in one way or another promote the growth and development of Latinos here in Louisville. For Chase it is very important to be present in the community. We are a consistent bank in the way we present ourselves to the community, in which we provide the tools for access to capital and talent”.

“As a banker, I am dedicated to promoting and advising business owners on everything related to cash flow management strategies. I help them efficiently structure the credit they have available or the access to credit they are looking for. To have a presence in the community of entrepreneurs and I seek to connect with the different industries, and reach small and medium businesses to offer all the tools we have.

Chase is a very technological bank. So day by day we continue to develop products and tools that will allow our clients progress and accelerate, for example, the way they collect or pay, the ways they can manage cash flow more efficiently. And we also do it in a way that we provide and develop the products that are going to protect them. Chase has developed so many more tools to be able to help small merchants.”

Counseling in Spanish

How can Hispanic/Latino entrepreneurs approach Chase and its programs to boost their businesses?

“In all of our branches, Chase has always looked for a way to have a representative in every area of ​​our community. And for Hispanics, particularly in many of our branches, we always have a representative who speaks our language. So I would invite our Hispanic community to feel free to visit any Chase and ask the necessary questions. Make them feel welcome and visit us. Chase is a bank that has its doors open to everyone and everything we offer is the same for our entire community.”

Through all these years of experience, what advice could you share with all the women who are about to start their careers, who want to start their own business?

“That they are in the best moment. Because we all have this desire to help, to help each other. I would tell them to seek out relationships with people who advise them, to find leaders who they admire, who can be their mentors, to educate themselves. And I’m not talking about necessarily educating themselves through going to university, if it’s something that’s not within their reach or if it’s something that can’t be included, but educate themselves, immerse themselves in the industry and the business in the that they want to develop, that they have the mentality that they can, that they manifest it.

And that they feel that everything they think they want to achieve they can achieve and that they come with that positive attitude and that they have to take advantage of the connections. And if I have done it as a Latin mom and recovered my career. If I have done it, we all can”.

Getting to know Beni Lopez

Favorite Louisville Spot: “I love visiting Downtown, I love restaurants. There isn’t a corner of Louisville that I don’t like.»

Hobbies: «Sharing time with my family, visiting my children, reading and traveling.»

Women you admire: “My mother, my grandmothers, who were tremendous champions and very brave women and leaders in their communities. My mom always inspired me to seek to fulfill that life purpose that God has given me.”

Louisville grows: “I am honored to represent and support the Louisville business community. Represent Hispanics, to see how our community has progressed and is inclusive.”

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